Tea Tree Oil is an extremely effective and natural antiseptic and germicide. It penetrates to the site of infection and heals while being kind to healthy tissue.

COLD & FLU - for sore throats and coughs add 10 drops of tea tree oil to a cup of warm water and gargle. Do this morning and night, and it will assist in clearing mucus and killing bacteria. You can use Tea Tree Therapy Alcohol Free Mouthwash to gargle and we would suggest you add an additional 5 drops of the 100% pure tea tree oil when you have a cold or sore throat. Do not forget to apply 2-3 drops of tea tree Tea Tree Therapy 100% pure oil to your toothbrush before you apply Tea Tree Therapy Baking Soda or Whitening Toothpaste. Not only will this assist in keeping your mouth, breath and gums healthy it will kill the bacteria and stop you from re-infecting yourself.

A vaporizer m the bedroom, with 10 drops of Tea Tree Therapy 100% pure tea tree oil to the water reservoir is also suggested to relieve congestion. By using the vaporizer throughout the house at the onset of the illness, this will assist in killing the bacteria. For children you can apply 3 drops of lO0% pure tea tree oil to their pajama's to assist their breathing. Do not forget that washing your hands with Tea Tree Therapy Antibacterial Liquid Soap will stop the transmission of gems.