Tea Tree Therapy Tea Tree Oil is an extremely effective and natural antiseptic and germicide, so its uses are boundless. Most users adapt different methods of utilizing the oil to suit their own particular areas of concern.


  1. Diaper Cleanser:
    Add 20 drops tea tree oil to approximately 1 gallon of water, stir, then soak diapers overnight

  2. General Antiseptic & Cleanser:
    • Add 1 teaspoon of 100% pure oil to 5 liters of water when washing windows, floors, toilets, bathrooms and kitchen surfaces. Add 2 teaspoons of 100% pure tea tree oil to washing machine for a fragrant, fresh wash. Particularly helpful when washing woolens, as it deters moths and silverfish.
    • Household ants and others pests hate tea tree oil, so a few drops put at the point of entry will deter them. Similarly, when you wipe cupboards out with an oil and water solution, you will find that cockroaches will move out!
    • Apply a few drops of pure tea tree oil to damp cloth wipe over mattress to deter dust mites
    • Remove scuff marks from a vinyl/linoleum floor by rubbing with a damp cloth to which pure tea tree oil has been added.
    • Put a tissue with pure oil drops on it into your vacuum cleanser bag to freshen your rooms and kill dust mites as you vacuum

  3. Being a Germicide:
    • Refrigerator gaskets stay fresh and clean if you wipe them over occasionally with a tea tree oil/water solution.
    • Shower curtains stay mildew free if soaked in a tea tree oil/water solution before washing. Add a few drops of pure oil to rinse water.
    • Shower doors stay cleaner if you wipe them over with a tea tree oil/water solution.
    • Helps prevent soap scum build-up.
    • Add a few drops of pure oil to furniture polish to prevent blue mold growing with a tea tree oil/water solution to prevent mildew regrowth.
    • Similarly, put a tissue with a few drops of oil on it into your leather shoes when you store them away to prevent mildew growth.
    • Use pure oil on cloth to remove tar from feet.
    • To remove chewing gum from hair, apply pure oil.


Tea Tree Therapy Antiseptic Cream or Hand & Body Lotion makes a great precautionary hand cream before you put on gloves to tackle the garden. It provides a protective barrier against cuts and scratches.


Add 20 drops of Tea Tree Therapy Pure Tea Tree Oil for an amazing invigorating bath.


Apply 2 to 3 drops of Tea Tree Therapy 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil to your toothbrush before you brush your teeth, then apply toothpaste to brush. Not only will this addition assist in keeping your mouth, breath and gums healthy but it aids in fighting plaque. Dab pure oil onto mouth cankers, abscesses and site of toothache for relief.


Fisherman will find relief from sand fly, mosquito and other irritating bites by dabbing pure oil on site of irritation. It acts as a repellent to some bugs. Anyone who enjoys the great outdoors should carry a bottle with them as it truly is "A Medicine Kit in a Bottle."

Pets-Dogs Only

Apply Tea Tree Therapy Antiseptic Cream directly to hot spots twice daily. To help deter fleas add one (1) capful of pure tea tree oil to Tea Tree Therapy Shampoo and shampoo. Apply two drops directly onto tick and gently remove tick with tweezers, apply one (1) drop of Pure Tea Tree Oil to area to stop to any infection. Add 10 drops of Pure Tea Tree Oil to dogs sleeping blankets, will help to deter fleas.